And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 18


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Aquaman began as “King of the Seven Seas,” decades ago, living in the ocean, helping and working with all kinds of sea creatures, and the humans he came into contact with. His kingship was more honorary than real, and Atlantis was generally not in the picture. Now he’s been returned to the seas as the actual king of Atlantis, and seems quite unhappy about it. Life as Atlantis’ ruler is a cold and harsh one. He has few allies, and his rule is constantly being challenged. He’s left behind the life he’d built on land, with Mera, who is undergoing her own struggles with human authority. While this storyline creates interesting conflicts, no one in it is having any fun, and that’s a shame. Aquaman should have at least some element of fun in it somewhere, I feel. But in the final page reveal, we meet a character who might bring welcome change to the current status of Arthur…or he might just signal another round of fighting. Guess we’ll see. The art by Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons looks good.

Mildly recommended.

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