And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 26


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Writer Jeff Parker replaces Geoff Johns on this title, so it’s a time of transition for the character, and perhaps for readers as they decide if they’re staying with the title.

Aquaman is King of Atlantis, and Mera is at his side, though not liked by most of the Atlantean people for reasons developed in past storylines. Arthur Curry has his hands full not only with reluctant and obstinate administrators but new threats from  deep beneath the ocean. New volcanic rifts are opening, endangering Atlantis, and massive creatures are also coming forth, and causing more destruction. Mera has a few new tricks with her powers that are helping, but the two of them can only do so much. And in the final reveal, things are getting stranger.

The art remains consistent from the past issues, Paul Pelletier’s work is fine. The writing feels a little uncertain. The characters don’t sound or act quite as we’ve come to expect. It’s a shakedown cruise, and we’ll see how it shakes out. For now, I’ll keep reading.


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