And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 30


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

How comics covers have changed. This issue is mostly a slug-fest, and once that would have been front and center on the cover. Above, someone in the far distance has hurled Aquaman from a high platform. Can’t see who he is, but it’s Hercules, the sparring partner this issue. And that’s about all he is. Rather than develop the character in an interesting or historic way, writer Jeff Parker chooses to make him completely, incoherently insane and furious about being imprisoned for ages. The Olympian is ready to pound the first living thing he comes across, and that’s what happens. Meanwhile, Mera is taking on another threat in the ocean depths, an attack by assassins. It’s a nearly successful attack until Mera is aided by a former enemy. What follows is a neat bit of political maneuvering to give the queen more credibility among the ruling council of the kingdom. Later, Aquaman is still fighting Hercules. And when that’s done, a relative of the demi-god shows up, a little late to help.

The art on the issue is fine, the story was somewhat disappointing, feeling like a missed opportunity. Mildly recommended.

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