And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 4 & 5

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I’m enjoying the new AQUAMAN written by Geoff Johns, art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. It’s selling quite well, probably better than any previous version of the character and book, so clearly lots of other people like it, too. Why? Here are some possible reasons.

1. Geoff Johns writes comics well. He seems to be able to get into the heads of his characters and bring us with him, even when the characters don’t say a lot. Delving into their background and childhood is one way. Avoiding cliche and taking the story in unexpected directions is another.

2. The art is excellent in every way. Yes, it’s influenced by Jim Lee and his WildStorm style, but it works for me. Dynamic, detailed, realistic when needed, cartoony when appropriate, great action, nice character “acting.” Attractive people doing interesting things. Creepy monsters. Epic moments and intimate ones as well.

3. Thanks to the above, this Aquaman presents himself with cool confidence, intelligence, bravery, and never seems unsure of how to handle any threat. I’ve felt that in the past from Superman and Batman, occasionally from Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, but never before from Aquaman.

In these times of collecting story arcs for hardcovers and trade paperbacks, it’s interesting to see the first story arc end with issue 4, and a new one begin with issue 5. Will the first collection have two story arcs, or do they feel 4 issues is enough? In issue 5 we get a great opener as Aquaman is literally dropped into the middle of a desert. Talk about facing his worst nightmare…and in the desert heat and dehydration, hallucinations of his father, above, help fill in a little more of his past. Great stuff.

Highly recommended!

One thought on “And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 4 & 5

  1. Kabe

    While I’m not a fan of Johns, Reis (and Van Sciver) are two of my favourite artists. They have taken 90s art to a new point, getting rid of all the ugliness and keeping what made it work.

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