And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 40

Aquaman40Image © DC Comics.

One thing the recent changes to the DC line have caused is a reason for some titles to come to an end, and give readers a sense of closure. This works better for AQUAMAN than a few other titles I’ve read lately. While I’m sure there will be a new Aquaman comic in the future, this run ends here, and in a satisfying way.

Much of the issue is a battle between fire and water, something that has worked in comics since the golden age fights of The Human Torch and The Sub-mariner, and it makes for effective visuals and conflicts. The Maelstrom storyline comes to an end with Aquaman’s mother found, but not much personal resolution for Arthur Curry, though the very end of the book does offer him some comfort. Where things might go next for Arthur and Mera is anyone’s guess, but I’ve enjoyed this 40-issue run for the most part, and had a good time reading this issue.


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