And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue focuses on Mera, Aquaman’s partner. First we see her in a small grocery store in a town near their lighthouse home trying to buy some dog food for the animal that has adopted them, and vice versa. Unwelcome attention from the store owner brings him trouble, and the police are called. Mera is about to defy them, but hears on their radio of a crime situation she thinks she can help with, and so they lock her in the back of the police car and rush to the crime scene. Needless to say, Mera doesn’t stay in the car. Amid these present day adventures are a few flashback moments of Mera and her father. Finally, a new friend shows up at the end, as does Aquaman. Nice story by Geoff Johns.

The art didn’t seem quite right to me, though, and checking the credits I realized that, while regular artist Ivan Reis did “breakdowns” (a loose term that can mean anything from simplified pencils to stick-figure layouts), the main artist is Joe Prado. Nothing against Joe, but he doesn’t come close to Ivan’s work on this title. It shows particularly in the faces, which are inconsistent and sometimes close to unattractive. Hope to see Ivan back as regular artist next issue.


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