And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 8

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Writer Geoff Johns continues to build new backstory for Aquaman in this tale of another super-group of sorts he was a part of in the recent past. A group called The Others we’ve never seen or heard about before, whose story is unfolding in flashbacks. It’s an international group with some interesting characters, and they are apparently being hunted down in the present by Black Manta, that long-time Aquaman villain, which is why the story is coming forth. Interestingly, Mera, Aquaman’s wife, does not know anything about it either, and we can see some tugging between them over trust issues. A nice mix of things going on here that lifts it above the average superhero fare.

The art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado continues to be excellent. It has a bit of a Jim Lee feel, which is not a bad thing, and everything about it is appealing to me. My only note for Ivan would be, if you’re going to show a panel with close views of a bunch of newspapers, have your letterer do the headlines and text.


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