And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 9

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue is a convergence of opposing forces pursuing each other. It begins with Black Manta, who is after the members of a super-team which Aquaman once belonged to. He catches up with The Prisoner, one of that team, in Germany, and the results aren’t good for that character. Meanwhile, Aquaman and a jungle she-devil are trying to find Manta by attacking some of his henchmen in the Amazon Rainforest. And back in America, Mera confronts the doctor who is supposed to be helping Aquaman. He has a secret about Black Manta too. Geoff Johns is weaving an interesting mix here, and though I’ve never been very impressed with Black Manta as a character — the huge helmet is a bit silly — I’m enjoying the story so far.

The art by Ivan Reis with a trio of talented inkers looks great — here showing off Aquaman’s new invulnerability. At least, I think it’s new, I don’t recall that power for him in the past.


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