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Aquaman and Wonder Woman team up to deal with a group of dangerous creatures recently released from an ancient Atlantean prison, as seen in AQUAMAN 29 & 30. Why Wonder Woman? They’re creatures connected to Greek mythology, perhaps in somewhat minor ways, but it works as a story with lots of action in a Ray Harryhausen tradition: heroes vs. monsters. The monsters themselves have individual personalities and talents, and they’ve used them to set up headquarters in a medieval castle in France, mind-controlling the locals to act as their servants and energy source. Diana and Arthur infiltrate, are discovered, and the battle is on.

A second story teams Wonder Woman with Mera, tracking down another group of the creatures on a remote island. I actually liked this better, and the art by Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez is excellent. It’s all fun in a summer reading at the beach sort of way.


2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: AQUAMAN ANNUAL 2

  1. Sean Jones

    Todd, long-time reader, first-time poster. This is completely off the topic of Aquaman Annual #2, but I had to reach out.

    I was 2/5 of the way through MULTIVERSITY when I reached the title page in the middle of the book. I glanced at the Multiversity logo and thought, “is that the cover logo and I missed it?” So I checked the cover and thought, WOW WHAT AN AWESOME LOGO! The M! The V! The eclipse, the proportions, the colors, everything! Then I read the personnel and realized you were lettering the book! Holy cow the I had noticed the great lettering all along as well, with so much emphasis and weight it feels old-school and reads perfectly.

    Are you responsible for the logo, too? I hope the answer is yes because it’s really, truly impressive.

    Great work and I hope you’ll be lettering some more of the series, although I know that this may not be the case because Morrison is working with so many artists.


  2. Todd Post author

    The Multiversity logo, which I also think is excellent, is by Rian Hughes, who also did the Multiversity worlds map you might have seen. I will only be lettering the final Multiversity issue, not the others, as far as I know.

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