And Then I Read: ARCTIC AUTUMN by Pete Dunne

© Pete Dunne, photos © Linda Dunne.

This is the third in Pete’s quartet of seasonal nature books, following “Prairie Spring” and “Bayshore Summer.” The setting this time is the arctic tundra, hills, rivers and oceanside as Pete, his wife Linda, and their friends go in search of wildlife and explore the human lives in these barren landscapes as well. Surprisingly, it begins on June 21st, officially the first day of summer. As Pete reports, it’s also the beginning of Autumn in the arctic, where some breeding birds are already finished raising young and heading south again.

Throughout this enjoyable and entertaining book you’ll learn about and get close to wolves, polar bears, caribou, and lots of bird species. You’ll learn that not all arctic expeditions go as planned (in fact, I bet few do), but even the bad ones have some rewards. You’ll meet native people and transplants from the lower 48 who have made their homes in the arctic. You’ll come to understand the many perils that threaten the area, from global warming to oil drilling. And you’ll learn a lot about Pete and Linda, too, both interesting folks. There’s a nice color photo section in the center, and black and white photos throughout, but the real draw is Pete’s well-crafted prose. I think he’s one of the best nature writers working today.


Arctic Autumn by Pete Dunne

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