And Then I Read: ASH & THORN #2

Written by Mariah McCourt, art by Soo Lee, colors by Pippa Bowland,
letters by Rob Steen, cover by Jill Thompson

This new series from Ahoy features a logo I designed. I read the first issue while I was doing that many months ago, too early to review it. Now the second issue has arrived, and it’s equally fun. It follows the Ahoy model of mixing humor and horror well.

Lottie Thorn, shown in action here, is meant to be the world’s new champion against montrous evil, though she has some issues with that. She’s older, cranky, and not sure she wants the job. Her teacher, magician Peruvia Ashlington-Voss wants to train Lottie to meet the challenges of her new role, but seems to be learning on the job too. When she tries to summon her mystical leaders, they have the phone off the hook, and only a small imp turns up to join them. The evil is real enough, not only a magical threat but a menacing corporate presence in the real world. It’s hard to imagine how Ash and Thorn can prevail against them, but then that’s the story, isn’t it?

I love the writing by Mariah McCourt. The art by Soo Lee is uneven at times, but the storytelling works fine. Mariah also supplies some tasty-looking recipes. I enjoyed reading this. Recommended.

The book on Comixology.

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