And Then I Read: ASTRA 2


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Isn’t that a great Alex Ross cover? I got so lost in the details it took me a while to see the two faces. And the faux Time Magazine design by J. G. Roshell is terrific, too.

Astra’s coming of age story wraps up in heartbreak, as one might have predicted. In fact, without the superheroic elements, this story might well have fit into a DC romance comic, if they were still making those. Or a Legion of Super-Hero story, if they were still light-hearted fun. Writer Kurt Busiek knows how to tell that kind of story well, and the gloss of alien worlds and creatures, super powers, and modern gossip technology is just icing on the cake.


Brent Anderson’s art is as good as ever. Doesn’t this mechanical wing flying sequence look like fun? Okay, nothing too deep going on here, but an enjoyable respite from the heavy storylines preceding it. Recommended.

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