And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 17

AC17Image © Juke Box Productions.

An interesting mix of science and fantasy this time that reminded me at times of the work of Jim Starlin. Honor Guard, the top super-team in Astro City has many foes, but also many fans, including a mysterious one who, once a year, delivers a table-full of red cakes to their headquarters. As the story opens, a strange purple hominid appears on cake day to tell them his people are the providers, and that he needs to make a sad confession. “Sorrowday” is that confession, which involves the demise of one of Honor Guard and how their deadly foe Krigari the Iron-Handed came to focus on their destruction. It’s nicely told, and has a mythic quality that I found appealing. The art is by Tom Grummett and a crew of inkers, but it all looks fine to me.


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