And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 21

AC21Image © Juke Box Productions.

When you’ve been writing comics as long as Kurt Busiek, exploring the complete career arc of a super-hero is something that can be told with insight, wisdom and maturity. Quarrel and Crackerjack’s story comes to an end that has all those things, plus action, emotional resonance, and a villain with a cool name derived from a trilogy by Mervyn Peake I really should read again. Quarrel has a lot to deal with, including the capture and brutal exploitation of her life-partner Crackerjack that leaves him close to death. She’s already been questioning her own continued career as a super-hero, and a visit to her father helps put things in perspective. Fine art by Brent Anderson, an amazing cover by Alex Ross, and excellent work by Alex Sinclair and Comicraft on coloring and lettering. If this comic is not for you, wait a few years, it will be.

Highly recommended.

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