And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 22

AC22Image © Juke Box Productions.

Kurt Busiek seems to have retirement on his mind in this title lately. This single-issue story with guest artist Jesús Merino focuses on an aging writer who is also the super-hero Starfighter. Or he was. Whether he still is comprises the meat of the story. We follow Duncan Keller from a book-signing on Earth to a distant world where he’s made a home for himself, and is married to an alien woman humanoid enough to have given him children. Duncan’s life on Jarranatha seems ideal, but he’s restless, and troubled by the thought that he may be called on again to use his powers. Duncan is not sure if he still has what it takes to play that role. Things work out deftly, and as usual, by the time we’re leaving Astro City, there’s a warm glow of satisfaction. The art and writing are terrific, as always.


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