And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 24

AC24Image © Juke Box Productions

What a great cover that is. I think it’s the best ape cover I’ve ever seen, and DC used to do lots of them in the 1950s-60s. What makes this one so good, aside from the wonderful art by Alex Ross (which looks even better on the actual cover than it does on this scan), is the fact that this gorilla is NOT interacting with people in some silly way, he’s totally into his drumming, and that’s just what he obviously loves to do.

Inside, Sticks, the gorilla isn’t nearly as happy. He’s been practically forced into joining a super group, and he’s not feeling it as a career, even though he has what it takes to fight crime. It’s music that he wants to pursue, but when he tries going back to the group he joined last issue, it soon puts them in danger again. Writer Kurt Busiek has a solution, though, and it’s an excellent one. Have a read and see.


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  1. Scott Wilkinson

    Put’s me in mind of Cadbury’s advertising campaign fromabout 10 years ago . . .

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