And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 26

AC26Image © Juke Box Productions

This book has lately often focused on aging super-heroes, and in this issue does so again, but in a different way. The issue opens with a replica of the first page of the first ASTRO CITY issue, showing the most powerful hero of the book, Samaritan, dreaming about flying. As the story continues, we follow a day in the life of the character, but one very different from that first story. Here he’s troubled by nightmares, burdened with responsibilities, taking on too many challenges, and not a happy man, despite all his gifts and powers. Writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson take us on a thoughtful and interesting journey which has a surprising resolution, and yet a comforting one. I’ve read every issue of ASTRO CITY, and plan to keep reading them as long as they come out and I’m able to do so. If a comic built on homages and tropes of the super-hero genre can last that long, and be great that long, there’s no reason to stop. Cheers to the creative team for keeping it entertaining for twenty years!

Highly recommended.

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