And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 29

AC29Image © Juke Box Productions

One thing that ASTRO CITY is known for is giving us familiar stories from unfamiliar points of view, something writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson excel at. This time it’s the old alien insect invaders story from the aliens’ side.  Zozat is a member of a hive that has fought Astro City’s First Family and won several times. At least that’s the way they tell it. Zozat is a youngster, about to come of age, and having fun with his friends. He’s also about to undergo testing to find his aptitude and place as an adult, something that frightens him and excites him at the same time. The issues of adulthood are looming, and Zozat is not sure he’s ready, even with the encouragement of his family. A new attack from the First Family on their home world brings all these feelings and issues into sharp focus as Zozat makes a startling discovery in the wreckage from the battle in the skies over his home.


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