And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 3


Image © Juke Box Productions.

This issue finishes up the first storyline in the relaunched ASTRO CITY, and an excellent one it is. Marella, on the support staff for the super group Honor Guard, has made a mistake. She could have averted an attack by villains in South America if she had made the right connection in the phone call for help she handled. Now there’s a war going on there, and Marella is miserable, sure she’s to blame. So sure that she decides to use Honor Guard’s teleportation system to go there and try to help the family whose call she had misread. This is a very dangerous plan, and soon Marella is in over her head, involved with criminal gangs and soon kidnapped herself. What can one ordinary person do in a super-powered battle? Why did she think she could solve problems herself that Honor Guard was struggling with?

Great story by Kurt Busiek, terrific art by Brent Anderson and Alex Ross on the cover. This is good comics.

Highly recommended.

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