And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 30

AC30Image © Juke Box Productions.

The conclusion of a two-part story of an alien invasion from the viewpoint of a young alien boy, with the invaders being Astro City’s super team, The First Family. When Zozat, the alien boy, finds one of the dreaded enemy, the human boy Karl, injured and on the ground near his home, the two of them find they have more in common than either of them thought. And Zozat has to reevaluate much of what he’s always been taught. Writer Kurt Busiek brings insight and humanity to a story that resonates in today’s world when so many are fearful of those who are different, or might attack them and their way of life. Too bad most of the people who might learn from the story probably won’t ever see it, but perhaps a few will.


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