And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 32

AstroCity32FCImage © Juke Box Productions, cover art by Alex Ross

I think I’ve figured out something about why I love this series. Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson have a talent for making super-heroics the least important part of a character’s story. Steeljack is a former villain turned private eye, doing work for the city as a one-man salvage crew, helping the kids and folks of his low-rent neighborhood, and rounding up deadbeats for bail bondsmen. He calls himself a detective, but knows he’s not really smart enough to do the Sherlock Holmes thing. Still he’s getting by.

That changes when an old partner in crime shows up in his office. It’s a dame, and a choice one. Only, she’s gone legit and has built a successful real-estate business. Someone is causing big trouble for her, though, by using her unique weapons in a bank robbery that left corpses all over the steel vault floor. Ismiri, a.k.a. Cutlass, turns to her old friend for help. But as we see in the opening scene, that doesn’t go so well…

I loved this issue and story, and as an added bonus, Brent has drawn Steeljack as if played by Robert Mitchum, heavy-lidded eyes and all, and that put Mitchum’s voice in my head for the character. Worked perfectly.

Highly recommended.

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