And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 34

AstroCity34Image © Juke Box Productions.

Kurt Busiek wraps up a very entertaining film-noir story line in this issue as Steeljack gets to the source of his trouble: a rich and unscrupulous collector of super villain tech and weapons who has assembled a large storehouse of them in his secret underwater lair. Collecting the stuff isn’t so bad, but he also uses it to commit crimes, getting the original villains, some of whom have gone straight, back into trouble with the law. Steeljack has been trying to stay clean, working as a private eye, and he’s finally solved a big case. Trouble is, he’s been captured by the perpetrator! He’s old and tired, but can he summon up enough strength to beat this wise-guy and his robot minions?

Great fun, loved the characters, the writing and the art. Nice colors and letters, too! Highly recommended.

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