And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY #37

astro_city_vol_3_37Image © Juke Box Productions.

Kurt Busiek’s unlikely short story host “The Broken Man” is back with two stories about the importance and impact of music in Astro City, one from the days before there was a city about a traveling minstrel, the other about a music-inspired hero from the poor, black part of town in the early 20th century. Both stories are well told and nicely illustrated, and the framing stuff about Broken Man is funny, sinister and wacky, with the cover by Alex Ross as exhibit A. I admire Kurt’s ability to get to the roots of power fantasies by the downtrodden and make them ring true, while putting them in such colorful and entertaining packages. I also admire the lettering of Comicraft’s John Roshell on this issue, always and here in particular. I know how time-consuming that lettering for Broken Man must be.


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