And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 39

astrocity39Imagine if you will that this were a series about Superman’s Metropolis, but one that occasionally pulled away from the heroes and heroic deeds to focus on more ordinary lives and less frenetic battles. That’s one of the things Kurt Busiek does so well in ASTRO CITY. Here we begin with a 15th century hanging that creates a weird hero, The Hanged Man, and soon turns to present day Astro City suburb of Shadow Hill, home of many with supernatural abilities. One, Marta Dobrescu, has the ability to raise and speak with the dead. This comes in handy at times in her career as a lawyer. For instance, we see her dealing with two heirs disputing a will  who suddenly change their tune when their deceased father enters the scene. It also can be a problem, as with the ghost of her own mother who continues to nag her. Events are about to bring changes to Marta, and she’s not sure what kind, or that she wants them, but the Hanged Man’s attention means trouble ahead.

Great work by Kurt, as always, with nice guest art by Carmen Carnero. Recommended.

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