And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 42

Image © Juke Box Productions.

Black Manta was an aquatic super-villain with lots of high-tech gear he invented, a gang of minions, and the intelligence to run a string of successful high-seas robberies. Then, during an encounter with the aquatic heroine Mermaid, he crash-landed on a deserted island far from shipping lanes, where he struggled to survive, gradually building a home for himself, and using the scant tools and materials at hand to rebuild his equipment. That was years ago. He’s the Robinson Crusoe of the series, living alone on his island, plotting and planning for his triumphant return, if he can just get his equipment working right. When a distress call from a cruise liner comes through his radio, it looks like time for action…but Manta has been out of the game, and out of the world for so long. Will he be able to do what he’s been dreaming of?

A great story by Kurt Busiek with excellent art by Matthew Clark and Sean Parsons, all under a fine cover by Alex Ross.


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