And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY #45

Image © Juke Box Productions.

Kurt Busiek has been teasing us with his character The Broken Man (who I think of as purple balloon guy) for some time now, and at last is promising to fill out his story. He’s rather mad, but part of his madness is breaking the fourth wall and talking to us readers, which is always interesting. The other main character is Glamorax, who has musical/light powers and a smooth confidence in her own abilities that make her crime-fighting fun to see. But Glamorax is much more complex, and much older than it first appears, with a history tying her to other music-based heroes in Astro City’s history, ones we’ve seen in past issues. As always, Kurt weaves it together beautifully. Brent Anderson’s art is particularly well enhanced by Peter Pantazis’ colors and the lettering of Comicraft (Roshell and Betancourt) this time, and I love Alex’s Ross’s cover, which shows some of his ink work for the first time in a long time. Looking forward to part two!


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