And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 7


Image © Juke Box Productions.

Super-heroine Winged Victory seems to have it all: powers that include wings that work and great strength, a romance with a powerful male hero, a worldwide organization that helps women in many ways, including training those with super abilities of their own. Yet someone has it in for her, and the life and organization she’s spent so many years building is about to come down around her ears…unless she can find out who’s behind the insidious threatand deal with them directly. So far, that person or group remains elusive, and Winged Victory is forced to fight a rearguard battle for her reputation and holdings. Meanwhile, a young man with lots of trouble at home has shown up on her doorstep, even though he knows she helps only women. Great writing by Kurt Busiek and fine art by Brent Anderson, as always.



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