And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY: THE DARK AGES Book 2 #4

Astro City Dark Ages Book 2 #4 cover
©Juke Box Productions.

Final issue of the eight-issue Dark Ages storyline focused on the opposite careers of the Williams brothers in 1970s Astro City: one on the police force, the other a criminal. Kurt Busiek continues to tell fine stories in this creator-owned title full of wonderful characters and ideas that echo but don’t duplicate the super-heroics of other companies. Brent Anderson’s art is solid too, as always. Alex Ross’s cover is terrific as usual. If you’re not already an ASTRO CITY reader, this isn’t a good place to start, though. Track down the collected editions of previous storylines, then pick up this one in collected form once it’s available. Fine work from everyone involved, including colorist Alex Sinclair and letterer/designer John Roshell.

I feel a little sad every time I finish an Astro City storyline, because I know it’ll take a while until I can go back there. Astro City…wouldn’t want to live there, but a great place to visit!

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