And Then I Read: AUTUMNLANDS 3

Autumn3Image © Kurt Busiek & Benjamin Dewey.

The human-like animals of the fallen city have, through magic, pulled a human warrior from the distant past, a man they hope will be their champion, able to protect and lead them against their enemies. The man, Steven Learoyd, after helping them out of immediate danger, now seems unwilling or unable to take on the role they have planned for him. Reluctantly, he offers advice, does some scouting, and even takes up a sword, but he’s hardly the godlike being they were expecting.

Meanwhile, a new character appears on the scene (and the cover), Goodfoot the Trader. She’s delightful, but tricksy. Whose side is she really on, other than her own? This series continues to gain depth, with hints of a long history for the world, and elements of sword and sorcery, the Old West, and classic animal fables. I’m loving it. The writing and art are excellent, as are the coloring and lettering. The characters are fascinating, and the storyline keeps surprising me. Nothing here to complain about!

Highly recommended.

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