And Then I Read: AUTUMNLANDS 7


Image © Busiek & Dewey.

A new story arc begins with the surviving magicians and townsfolk from the fallen sky-city now apparently on a smaller sky-craft (sky village?), with their leaders still squabbling and fighting for control of their now limited power. Their savior, the soldier they conjured from the distant past, is not among them. Learoyd and his young friend Dusty have been left behind for dead at the scene of the battle with the bison-men. Learoyd nearly is dead until Dusty pulls him from the river. The rest of the issue is largely a dialogue between the two of them that covers lots of interesting ground: the history of this world, its magic, Learoyd’s past, their enemies, and what they might need to do next. I think this may be my favorite issue so far.


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