And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH Vol. 11

BPRDHOEVOL11005Image © Mike Mignola.

This series is getting too complicated. There are lots of story lines, including one in the distant past about a mighty warrior who also seems to be in the present on a mission with a group of Bureau agents after a monster in the far north (probably Canada). Then there’s a group in a big city, including some scientists doing research on one of the smaller monsters they’ve captured. There’s a story line about monster fighters in Russia, and occasional glimpses of the relative quiet of Bureau headquarters in Colorado. Possibly a few more I’ve forgotten. There used to be bios of the main agents on an early page in this collection, which helped. Now there’s a brief synopsis, but it’s not enough. Place captions at the beginning of each scene change would be welcome.

I’m also getting tired of the very long “Hell on Earth” storyline in which there may be small victories occasionally, but the Bureau and Earth in general are losing to the monsters of Hell, and most of the world is a war zone. It’s almost as depressing as real life news. I have the next collection already, and I’ll be reading that, but it might be my last. There are things I like about the series, including the writing, art, coloring and lettering, but even with that the fun is fading for me.

Mildly recommended.

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