And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. HELL ON EARTH Vol. 2

Images © Mike Mignola.

Things have really gone to Hell in this volume of the long-running HELLBOY spinoff about a group of monster-fighters. It seems the monsters are winning, huge and horrible beasts popping up all over the place, people being taken over mentally by evil forces and committing horrible acts, even a volcano erupting in the middle of Texas.Writers Mike Mignola and John Arcudi are cooking up a real mess of serious trouble.

This book collects two short story arcs. In the first one, drawn by Guy Davis, the focus is on a girl in Texas, Fenix, one of a mass of nomads uprooted by the volcano, who seems to have an uncanny ability to foresee trouble and steer herself and her friends out of it. The Bureau learns of her, and sends a task force to find her, headed by Abe Sapien. The girl is sick, physically, and seems to be losing the struggle to avoid trouble. Abe finds that out the hard way.

In the second storyline, drawn by newcomer to the franchise Tyler Crook, the focus is on Liz Sherman, gone awol and hiding out in a trailer park with some dubious characters. They aren’t much help to her when serious evil doings erupt, but the ever resourceful and sarcastic Liz manages to handle things for a while…but only for a while. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, the B.P.R.D. seems to be falling apart under all these new threats.

While Guy Davis is great at the scary stuff, I have to say I enjoyed the art by Tyler Crook, sample above, even more. He seems to have a good handle on Liz, and his storytelling and art style are appealing. Sounds like he’s the new regular artist, which is fine with me.


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