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I’m catching up with this HELLBOY spinoff, which I’ve been neglecting for a few years. This collection, which is #8 in the series, came out in 2008. While at first the title group of paranormal agents seemed a bit lost without Hellboy among them, they’ve become a solid team of misfits that work together pretty well, though they do have their disagreements. This time the ghostly Johann has been given a very strong human body to inhabit, and it makes temptations of the flesh too much for him to resist, so he’s gone off base and AWOL for much of the story. Back in their Colorado base, Liz Sherman is being haunted by a sinister oriental figure who seems to know a lot about her and the group. Abe Sapien is struggling to keep things together despite some break-ins and mysterious killings at the base, while Dr. Kate Corrigan is bringing newly rescued Panya, a very old woman with psychic powers, up to speed and hopefully into the group. Good thing, because newest member Captain Daimio seems to be going to the dogs, literally. It’s a good read with lots of creepiness and some exciting action as well as the usual great character moments writers Mignola and Arcudi are known for.

Here’s Panya and Kate in one of my favorite moments in the book. I’m still not loving the art by Guy Davis, though I am getting used to it, and am now more able to overlook the things that bother me about it, such as many characters with very similar facial features. He does the horror and action quite well, so that all works great.


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