Images © Mike Mignola.

Volume 11 of this series, which is also Volume 2 of the Scorched Earth trilogy, digs deeper into the occult war that has been breaking out all over the world. The menacing figure who has stolen Liz, now known as Memnan Saa, has been tracked by the team to a remote mountain fortress on the border between Russia and China. There massive forces are gathering, with some confusion as to who is on what side. When Abe Sapien and Dr. Kate manage to penetrate the place they find Liz in a trance-state being used as a power source to run arcane energies fueling Saa’s forces. Liz is, in effect, the Black Goddess! Outside, battle is engaged, with the puny U.S. forces mere bystanders to struggles between ancient underground creatures, dragons, Yetis and more. How will they get themselves and Liz out of this mess, and what does Lobster Johnson have to do with it? Read and find out!

The art by Guy Davis is much the same, lots of great atmosphere and action, fine storytelling as well.


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