And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. THE WARNING

Images © Mike Mignola.

Things are ramping up to a big battle in this tenth collection of the series. Writers Mike Mignola and John Arcudi are moving out to a worldwide stage in the struggle against the occult forces they call the War on Frogs, though in fact most of what they’re up against isn’t very froglike. First they try to track down the mysterious oriental man who has been haunting Liz’s dreams and even causing waking hallucinations. New member Panya points them to an ancient temple in a South American jungle, where the powerful man known as Gilfryd stays one step ahead of them, and flees in one of their own helicopters with Liz as a captive. The team follows to Munich, Germany, where an underground cavern full of giant robots and smaller but equally dangerous underground creatures break things into a real battle that threatens the entire city.

The art is by Guy Davis, and I liked it better this issue. I’m gradually being won over, I guess. Billed as the first book of a trilogy, it looks like things will get worse from here. And there are precious few things for the agents to be happy about in this one. Liz is still missing, Gilfryd is still taunting them, and some of Munich has been reduced to rubble. Looking forward to the rest!


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