And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. VAMPIRE


Image © Mike Mignola.

This is part of the early days of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. series, which I’m actually enjoying more than the present day series, “Hell On Earth.” Agent Anders has already been through one harrowing and life-altering episode in his early days as an agent, on a mission in Europe. Now he feels he has to go back there and try to find the vampires that are haunting his soul and making his present attempt at a normal life impossible. The Professor, head of the Bureau, allows him to go, even giving him some clues as to where the vampires might be found. Anders knows he’s not likely to return from his new mission, either dead or alive. What he can’t yet know is that the dark powers he seeks are already waiting for him.

This story is full of the atmosphere and dread of the best Universal monster movies, though of course with more blood and violence. The art by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon fits well into the Mignola universe, a little too sketchy at times, but mostly spot on. They also had a hand in the writing, and it all works well.


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