And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. Volume 5


Image © Mike Mignola.

This volume of B.P.R.D. collects some side stories and follows the larger continuity only slightly. Doesn’t matter, they’re good stories full of choice weirdness and scary moments. Like a good horror movie, the Mignola world rarely fails to bring us places we don’t really want to go, and being a protagonist in a Mignola story is usually not a good thing.

Agents Vaughn and Peters investigate the “Pickens County Horror,” a story of death, frogs, ghosts, deadly mist and vampires. You’d have to be pretty crazy to go near the house in this story…

“The Transformation of J.H. O’Donnell” explains why you wouldn’t want to be a field consultant to the B.P.R.D. no matter how fascinating the subject, how rare the ancient books, and how well-protected you felt in the company of Hellboy himself.

“The Abyss of Time” takes agent Howards on a trip deep into the past when he touches an ancient weapon. He soon finds himself in a battle against evil perhaps even more hopeless than the one going on in the present.


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