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I haven’t been reading this or any of the BATMAN books recently, but this cover by J.H. Williams III depicting Batman and Batwoman intrigued me, so I gave it a try. As expected, trying to follow the story in mid arc was somewhat difficult, but I did enjoy Grant Morrison’s handling of the new Batwoman, as well as his flashback story about the original one, Kathy Kane, who I remember well from the BATMAN comics of my tender youth. Some elements of the larger story eluded me, but I might still pick up the next issue to see if I can learn more.

The art by Chris Burnham is good, if somewhat quirky, and I think shows a lot of influence from Frank Quitely’s approach, though perhaps without all of Frank’s knack for design. Looking closer, I also see Michael Kaluta in there, too. Not a bad mixture, and actually a nice change from the DC house style of some other books I’m reading.

I can’t offer any firm opinion on the story as I’m coming in late, but the issue is worth a look, and recommended.

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