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There’s little I can say about the writing of this book that I haven’t said about previous issues. At this point, if you’re still reading like I am, you’ve found a way to allow the oddities and excesses go by without thinking about them too much in an effort to extract the story Neal wants to tell. I have to say the presence of The Joker seems to bring out the goofy side of Adams both in the story and in the art, and in places I was reminded of that long ago DC comic, THE ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS, but there are some interesting new ideas if you dig for them, ideas that connect some of the characters in surprising ways. Characters like Deadman, Ra’s al Ghul and Man-bat, not to mention Bruce Wayne.

This is quite a goofy Joker, and even the other characters are verging on caricature in places. Adams has always exaggerated reality in ways that work for comics, and this is still that, but perhaps a bit much for a Batman story. Even so, the art continues to be fascinating and well worth a look.

Recommended, especially for Neal Adams fans.

One thought on “And Then I Read: BATMAN ODYSSEY 6

  1. Allen

    The Joker does look somewhat Jerry Lewis inspired here. And that may not be a big surprise, given that one of Neal’s early jobs for DC was pencils and inks on four issues of The Adventures of Jerry Lewis, #101-104.

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