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I’m not reading any of the regular Batman books now, which are all connected in a grand  (or Grant) Morrison epic storyline, but I had to give this one-shot a look to see what it was all about. Essentially it sets up the Batman Incorporated idea which will rule the day for Batmen everywhere, apparently. Grant begins with a nicely handled look at Bruce Wayne’s “aha” moment of becoming Batman…from the bat’s point of view, and then we’re into it. While I don’t follow some of the characters involved, I thought it all made sense and read well, and I was particularly pleased to see a one-page feature at the end on Rian Hughes’ “Batman Incorporated” logo design. Looks like he designed the logo on this boo, too. Way to go, Rian!

The art by David Finch, Batt and Ryan Winn looks good, though the bat closeups did make me wonder if David had actually looked at any real bat images, but he sure knows how to draw superheroes well, and his action scenes and storytelling are great. This book didn’t convince me to read more Bat books right now, but I liked it, and it’s recommended.

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