And Then I Read: BLACK HAMMER 3 FOR $1

Well, only one third of this is new to me, and that’s what I’m reviewing here. This new Black Hammer starter set contains BLACK HAMMER #1, which I lettered, and THE QUANTUM AGE #1, which I’ve already read and reviewed. The third book is SHERLOCK FRANKENSTEIN AND THE LEGION OF EVIL #1, written, as they all are, by Jeff Lemire, nearly everything else in the story is by David Rubin.

SHERLOCK features and is narrated by Lucy Weber, the daughter of the original Black Hammer, still in Spiral City and trying to find out what happened to her father and the other heroes who disappeared in the cosmic battle with Anti-God, some years before. So far she’s found her father’s secret base, the Hall of Hammer, and has decided to try to find some of his most notorious opponents as a way to help track him down. Number one on that list is Sherlock Frankenstein. (Hard to think of a more memorable name than that!)

Lucy’s search leads to the Spiral Asylum for the Criminally Insane (an Arkham analog), whose warden was a winged hero during World War Two. With the assistance of guard officer Lopez, also a former superhero, Lucy visits the ominous armored creature known as Mectoplasm, a one-time henchman of Sherlock Frankenstein. What Mectoplasm tells Lucy fills out the rest of the issue, and sets up the rest of the series.

Nicely done, but of course, one is left wanting more, as is the point. Recommended.

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