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If I were paying myself to review this book, I’d have to refuse the check. I don’t feel I’m getting much out of this series, it kind of blurs together in a whirl of brightly costumed good guys, black, decaying baddies, and now a rainbow of lanterns entering the fray. Lots of action, lots of color, but I’m finding little substance that stays with me. I read all the words about two weeks ago, and now, looking through it, can’t remember anything much of them. Yes, there’s a big reveal in the center of the book, but it’s been telegraphed for so long it wasn’t a surprise at all. The big baddie, Nekron, seems not much worse than the other Black Lanterns, just bigger. Guess this title has lost me, and I can’t recommend it, though I may read through to the end to see if the last three issues offer more to me than this one.

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