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The main question for this final issue of what seems like a story that’s been going on for years is: does the payoff satisfy? I’ve had my doubts that it possibly could, but I’m here to say I was wrong. Geoff Johns made it work for me, and the main payoff, which I won’t reveal in case you haven’t read the book yet, is very cool. Yes, the series was bloated with repetitious storylines, excessive gore and melodrama, and was much too long, but if you lasted through it (and I read mainly the Green Lantern parts, not the many spinoff stories) this issue is, indeed, satisfying. Even exciting. Of course it’s just a launching pad for the NEXT big crossover event, who didn’t see that one coming? But, at least for now, I’m looking forward to where things go from here. I may soon get cranky again when the story bogs down once more, but for the moment…I’m happy! The best possible end to a universe-wide event is that it opens up new possibilities, new story directions that seem promising and inviting. This issue does that. Would it work as well if you skipped all the other stuff and just read this one? It almost might, but without as much of the emotional impact, I think. Your results may vary. For the first time in perhaps this entire event I can say: highly recommended.

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