And Then I Read: BRAVE AND BOLD 8-10

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I love this title. Mark Waid’s writing and the art of George Perez capture all the things that attracted me to comics as a kid: thrilling action, adventure, great characters, humor, fun. Only, they do it better than most of the ones I was reading back then. In lesser hands, this would be a ho-hum formula book: mash together some characters that have nothing to do with each other, let them fight something. Mark makes it so much more than that, and George steps up with art as good as anything in his long and storied career.

Inkers Bob Wiacek and Scott Koblish do a fine job with all that detail, and colorist Tom Smith and letterer Rob Leigh also add to the reading experience. Great work from everyone, as on the page above.

The actual storyline here isn’t that important, really, so I won’t even bother to try to encapsulate it. The journey is more than any such summation. Go, buy, enjoy!

6 thoughts on “And Then I Read: BRAVE AND BOLD 8-10

  1. Ed

    Do you happen to know what font is used for that KRA-KOOM in the last panel? I’ve been seeing that font a lot lately, but have not been able to ID it.

  2. Ed

    Thanks guys, it’s been driving me crazy for months! I guess it’s probably not available anywhere for purchase?

    Bizarre that it’s a DC staff font — I’ve seen it used recently in at least one Marvel book.

  3. joecab

    About the Doom patrol story: What was with Rita not being able to show anything but a smile on her face? Was that some new development? What was it from?

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