And Then I Read: BRAVE & BOLD 11 & 12

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These issues wrap up the 12-issue story arc by writer Mark Waid, with artist George Perez being replaced by another equally fine (and under-appreciated): Jerry Ordway. I’ve worked with Jerry several times, and I know he puts a ton of effort into his pencils. On a book like this, that means a great deal. There are dozens of characters to handle on each page, not to mention lots of other tricky tasks, like getting everything in the script to work and still leave room for the balloons. Like Perez, Jerry makes it all look easy, which it certainly isn’t.

It’s particularly good to see Jerry handling Superman again, even if only briefly. His run on Adventures of Superman was a favorite of mine.

The story by Waid continues at breakneck pace, and is full of delightful character bits and funny one-liners, as well as a good deal of suspense and action. It got a little too frantic for me in the final issue, as Mark had so many dangling plotlines to wrap up, and I feel he got a bit tangled in them. There wasn’t a really satisfying resolution to the entire arc for me. But it was still a fun ride, and I’m glad I took it. Maybe reading all 12 issues together would work better. In any case, I can certainly recommend these, just not as enthusiastically as some earlier ones.

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