And Then I Read: BRAVE & BOLD 13 & 14

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Issue 13 of this title is a refreshing single-issue story after two long intertwined and complex sagas. The teaming of the Golden Age Flash with Batman works remarkably well, partly due to Mark Waid’s fine plotting and dialogue, partly to Jerry Ordway’s terrifically solid and dynamic art. Both are at the top of their games, and if you want to sample this book without getting dragged into a series of issues, this is the perfect choice. Ordway always seems at his best when drawing DC’s classic characters, and this is right up his alley. Waid gets to tell a tight little mystery with plenty of action, and villains like The Penguin, but the best part is the warmth and teasing banter between the two heroes.

Issue 14 begins another continued story teaming Deadman and Green Arrow, a seemingly odd pairing, but that’s what B & B is all about. Waid’s story has Deadman coming to GA for help with trouble in the far east home of his personal avatar. Serious magical trouble. Why Green Lantern? Don’t know, but his down-to-earth attitude and very physical skills and approach make a great contrast to the usual airy spirit world themes of Deadman. Looks like another fun ride!


One thought on “And Then I Read: BRAVE & BOLD 13 & 14

  1. Uthor

    You’ve gotten to the last decent story arc of that title. The Superman/Catwoman thing made little sense and the Supergirl/Raven story was offensive in every way (bad story, inconsistent characterization, horrid artwork).

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