And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 0

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The previous DC crossover event, “Blackest Night” was one I mostly didn’t enjoy, but at the end of it many of DC’s older characters who had died came back to life, setting off this new event. I liked that idea enough to give BRIGHTEST DAY a try, and this first issue is one I like. Using Deadman as the main viewpoint character, it visits a number of the characters brought back from the dead, from Aquaman to Hawk and Dove, Barry Allen’s Flash to the Martian Manhunter. Each is trying to find their way in a changed world with varying amounts of success. The villains that were brought back, including Max Lord and Captain Boomerang seem to be having the toughest time with it. All these characters are wondering “Why me?” and I’m sure with good reason. You know things are going to get complicated and probably nasty for them soon. But for now, this is an intriguing beginning.

The art by penciller Fernando Pasarin and a host of inkers is quite good, capturing the kind of realism I think helps this sort of epic story, and doing a fine job with all the likenesses and character moments. I’m not familiar with Pasarin, but he reminds me of George Perez, a very good thing in my book.

We’ll see how things go, I won’t be reading all the attached series, just the Green Lantern and Flash ones, which may make some of the story harder to follow, but for now I can recommend this without hesitation. Nice start.

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