And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 1

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I’m way behind on reviewing this saga, but will start addressing that now. Having read well ahead of this particular issue, I can say I like the overall storyline much better than Blackest Night. Instead of constant battles, BRIGHTEST DAY is a collection of mysteries that unfold gradually for each of the major characters involved, so we get a good bit of character exploration, surprising twists and mysteries are uncovered and investigated, and only a moderate amount of violent action. A much better mix in my view. The central puzzle revolves around a white lantern that no one can move: obviously powerful, surely something momentous behind it, but we don’t know what yet. The uneasy triumverate of Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Carol Ferris Star Sapphire, and Sinestro investigates. Deadman, no longer dead but apparently a puppet being tossed around by the power behind the white lantern, sort of ties together the disparate storylines, and his own story is more interesting than I ever remember it being before. Aquaman and Mera seem much more powerful than I’ve seen them elsewhere, and some of their power is strange even to them. Firestorm, J’onn J’onnz, and the Hawks (man and woman) are also involved in their own mysteries. I like this approach, it’s keeping me guessing as to where things are going, and all the storylines are involving.

Another surprise is that the book has five pencillers and four inkers. I’m not sure how the art is being divided up, but probably each penciller concentrates on one or two storylines. Despite that, the art seems pretty consistent, there are no wildly divergent approaches. Has DC developed a new house style? However they’re doing it, it works for me, and looks good.


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