And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 2

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

As before, this book is following a number of storylines, some of which interest me more than others. The Firestorm/Atom one is confusing, with too many people speaking telepathically and not enough explanation. J’onn J’onzz is exploring the origins of his coming to Earth, and another Martian he never knew about, I like that one. I like the Hawks’ investigation of their own background and past lives, too. Despite Aquaman being on the cover, he only appears for one panel with no dialogue. A disconnect there. Deadman has the final scene, and it’s a good one.

Once again, and perhaps for the entire series, I don’t know, this book has five pencillers and five inkers. I can only assume they’re each assigned to particular storylines, but the art doesn’t show it, it flows smoothly, an interesting achievement. There are the beginnings of some nasty business here, too, which is bound to be the case, but in general I like the way this series is developing, as a compendium of puzzles for each of the main characters. Recommended.

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