And Then I Read: BRIGHTEST DAY 20 & 21

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

While the rest of the world has moved on to the latest DC event, “Flashpoint,” I’m still working my way, tortoise-like, through BRIGHTEST DAY.

Issue 20 features Aquaman once more losing his hand. I can’t help wondering who thought the previous time Aquaman lost his hand made for stories that were compelling enough to do it again, but someone must have.  Black Manta, the character with the silliest headgear I can think of, is the chopper. Meanwhile, the threatened war between the mer-people and the land-people is deflected by Mera, who is conflicted all over the place, but still pretty powerful. Aquaman himself is pretty tough, shrugging off his injury and still having time for a little rekindling of romance with Mera.

Issue 21 takes us back to Mars, where the Martian Manhunter is still struggling with his evil female counterpart, trying to convince her he’s not going to go for her particular ideas about romance and mind control. MM has the right idea about how to get rid of her, and when he does, suddenly he gets a “mission accomplished” pat on the back from the mysterious white ring power.

The art on this title has remained consistently good despite, or perhaps because of, the team effort creating it. Above you can see the credits listing three pencillers and four inkers, and I find the style seamless. That fact continues to impress me more than most of the storylines.

Mildly recommended.

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